Holiday Bungalow

Holiday Bungalow

A perfect Nuwara Eliya Bungalow

A Holiday Bungalow amidst the mist of hills

A cozy bungalow nestled amidst lush tea plantations to escape busyness and relish fresh aromas of tea.

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About Tearamb Holiday Bungalow

Mist around Tearamb Holiday Bungalow

Experience a comfortable stay in Nuwara Eliya’s Ramboda Holiday Bungalow surrounded by mist. This spacious bungalow features 3 bedrooms with modern amenities and fixtures, and ample space to stroll around.

Tearamb Dining Outside Arrangement

The bungalow provides outdoor seating arrangements for dining, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural environment. The dining experience is a highlight for many tourists and features delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. Guests can choose from a variety of food options, including a BBQ dinner.

Natural Pool at Tearamb Holiday Bangalow in Ramboda

A natural pool, also known as a bio pool or ecological pool, does not require chemicals for a refreshing and rejuvenating swimming experience. This is a complimentary service offered by the Bungalow

You can rest assured that each room is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities to guarantee a truly relaxing stay. In addition, every room features windows that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the refreshing aroma of the tea garden surrounding the area.

Experience the magnificence of the Ramboda Falls, situated just 2 km away from the town of Tearamb. Our carefully curated activities will elevate your stay and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature.

Have you considered taking a leisurely walk through a tea garden? It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the fragrant scents of nature and bask in the peacefulness of the surroundings. The misty atmosphere and warm sunlight can be rejuvenating and provide a much-needed respite for your mind.

Nuwara Eliya Bungalow

Our Tearamb Holiday Bungalow is equipped with all modern amenities. We provide an excellent garden view site for you to enjoy the stay. Our facility has cable connection for television and Wi-Fi connections. We have an excellent Dining area outside the building with BBQ facilities. The best thing is the Open-air bathing bio pool that rejuvenates you throughout the day. Modern bathrooms and toiletries are provided in the room. Simply carry your clothes and get ready to have fun. Activities can add spice to your stay. Get your cameras fully charged to capture the moments that are going to linger in your memories for life -time in on mountains. Leave your stress at home and come stay in a home far away from home

Nuwara Eliya Bungalow
Tearamb Living Hall
Modern Bathroom Facility
Nuwareliya Bungalow


Tearamb has carefully planned activities to choose for you to add spice to your stay. It has chosen places where you can enjoy you days around the region considering less travelling and more fun outside. 

Mountain Hiking Tour with Tearamb

Mountain Hiking

Tearamb Village Trekking Tour

Village Tour

Ramboda Waterfall

Ramboda Falls

Tearamb Horton Plain Strolling Tour

Horton Plain Strolling

Lake Gregory Boat Riding Tour

Boat Riding

Tearamb Village Tour

Chariot Path


Hanuman Temple


Senaka Ranatunga
Read More
Excellent place to stay. Very friendly staff and good service. Can travel to see some beautiful waterfalls within a short period. Natural swimming pool within the Bungalow premises .Another plus point is cleanliness.
Shantha Ranatunga
Read More
A different experience altogether. 100% privacy and excellent service by the staff.Most of the musical instruments are available for guests free of charge. Very homely environment.
Vin Vinoth
Read More
Superb place to stay here food was delicious staffs are very famili surrounding Gardens and the natural pool like old estate bungalow thanyou so much everything we had another time we are come surely to this place enjoy yourself and your Barbeque dinner was best ever ever I had thank you so much for your service Specially mr. Loshan
MJ Manoj
Read More
Friendly staff very tasty food rooms are very clean superb location and flower garden natural bathing place natural pool organic vegetable garden and park and it was wonderful gas and grill bbq included with our dinner it was a magnificent stay thank you so much tearamb team
Priyadharshan Dhilan
Read More
Good service and super food friendly stuffs one of the peaceful place magnificent stay I never forget.
Mafrah Uwais
Read More
This is a comfortable and reasonable location to stay given the cost. The staff was quite helpful and hospitable, and the area, rooms, and bathrooms were all very clean. I'm not sure how the other ratings compare, but the food and preparation were pretty outstanding, and the Sri Lankan cuisine was excellent and authentic. Since the nights were extremely chilly due to the temperature, an AC wasn't necessary. But throughout the day, it gets rather warm. Overall, the place is lovely and definitely worth the price.
Christine Jennifer
Read More
Such a wonderful place to visit with friends and family... Great service and good food .. Had wholesome 3 days at Tearamb holiday bungalow